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You’re about to sprint past all those lost in the crowd.

This is your secret weapon.

This is what sets you apart from the rest.

While everyone else is just watching shows, playing games, or gearing up for another day at a regular job…

You’ll be speeding towards YouTube fame.

Picture ACTUALLY making big moves as a YouTuber.

You start to see more views, more subscribers, more likes.

And suddenly, you’re not just a YouTuber, you’re a known name, a star in the making.

You get to buy better equipment, like high-quality cameras and microphones…

You can even hire people to help make your videos look professional.

Once you’ve got the basics sorted, your world starts to expand.

You can move into a nicer place.

You can travel.

You can spruce up your workspace with a faster computer and bigger screen.

And when you finally reach the top, you can give back to your family, get the best healthcare, and never compromise on anything that could better your life.

You can buy quality stuff – Imagine that, as soon as you learn about a new gadget or tool that could help you, you can get it!

And the best part…

You set your own hours, there’s no boss, you’re making a living doing what you love and you’re doing it in your pajamas!

You never have to join the daily commute like the others who just don’t see it.

Some might say this is a pipe dream. But you know this dream is well within your reach.

You just need a little extra help.

Creator Central Will Change Your Life

My name is Dean and I’ve helped over 100,000 gamers with my tutorials, how to videos and Top 10s to fix technical problems, and i’ve got a YouTube career now because of it.

But now my mission is to help those interested in achieving the same goal of building an online YouTube business doing what they love…

For years, I’ve had aspiring YouTubers tell me that my tutorials giving tips & guidance has transformed their channels.

This is what those YouTube gurus could actually do for creators, but it’s often missing.

The Problem With YouTube Guidance online Today:

❌ Mentors are detached and generic

❌ Many ‘experts’ lack genuine experience

❌ They don’t understand the nuances of building a successful channel

❌ Guidance often promotes quick fixes and gimmicks over sustainable strategies

❌ You’re often thrown random tips, without any structured learning

❌ You’re seen as an outsider if you’re serious about YouTube success and not just chasing viral fame

I’m reinventing the approach with: Creator Central.

Creator Central is truly the most impactful work I’ve done to date.

If you’ve found my videos useful or valuable in some way, just wait until you dive into this.

Rise up with a community of passionate creators just like yourself inside Creator Central.

With dedication and persistence, you’ll start making REAL progress in your YouTube journey that so far you’ve only dreamed about.

That means you’ll never have to settle for a dull, ordinary job (or study something you’re not passionate about)

In Creator Central, you’ll finally be part of a community of creators who are serious about success, unlike the others you may know who are content with just getting views and likes.

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Paul Adam
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These should be different that the ones used above *

Christine McVeigh

About Your Coach

I know I don’t resemble the typical guru you’d see flashing designer clothes or posing with luxury cars.

But is that a negative?

I understand aspiring YouTubers better than most people out there.

Consider this: over 100k gamers just like you have learned from my channel.

This truly speaks to my capabilities as a mentor for budding YouTubers.

I know what you need to excel on YouTube, because I’m walking this path myself.

I went from being broke fresh out of college in the UK to earning thousands per month from YouTube, enabling me to travel the world and meet my friends from all around the Globe…

My goal is $20k per MONTH!

And i’m the HARDEST worker in the room, so you bet I’ll reach it…

So What Do You Get When You Join Creator Central?

The Business Model You'll Learn...

The BEST venture you could embark on as a content creator…

Becoming an online influencer.

The concept is simple:

Immerse yourself in a topic you love

Develop your knowledge and perspectives on it

Share your insights and experiences on social media

Gain a dedicated audience who value your content enough to pay for it

Inside of Creator Central, I’ll guide you through each step. Let’s break it down:

Suppose you’re passionate about a particular topic.

You naturally spend time exploring it – watching YouTube tutorials, reading articles, seeking advice.

In a few weeks, you’re not an expert yet, but you know way more than the average person.

You’ve made significant progress – Great!

Now you start documenting your journey on social media platforms.

Whether it’s YouTube videos or Twitter posts, you share what worked for you.

People who share your interests stumble upon your content, start trusting, and like what you’re sharing.

Eventually, you release digital products or monetized content that your fans are willing to pay for.

A number of your followers purchase these products – earning you money, while providing them with value.

Inside of Creator Central, we literally teach you step by step how to do this in the fastest and most effective way.

But that’s not all, you also get:

Direct Access to Me on Weekly Live Sessions:

Learn directly from a YouTuber with over 100k subscribers!

I’ll share all my secrets because my one goal in Creator Central is to help you succeed in your journey.

Our weekly live sessions are engaging calls where I share my screen and deep dive into topics that will help you grow your YouTube channel, enhance your content creation skills, and more.

You’ll have the opportunity to raise your questions during the call so we’re all learning together about stuff we genuinely care about.

Imagine seeing your YouTube channel explode with new subscribers who are willing to pay for your content, making YOU money!

That’s the reality of being a YouTuber, if you do it right. And that’s what I’ll teach you.

An Exclusive Private Community of Dedicated Content Creators:

You’ll FINALLY meet like-minded creators who share your passion, your goals, and your determination.

Becoming a successful YouTuber can feel lonely.

You might feel out of place among your peers who chose traditional career paths.

But not in here.

We have a private community where you can drop in anytime to ask for advice, engage in other members’ discussions, and make friends.

There’s zero tolerance for negativity or disrespect here.

Remember, content creation is an art, and like any other art, it takes practice and the right guidance to perfect. With the resources and community at Creator Central, you’ll never feel alone in your journey. Together, we will transform your passion into a successful YouTube channel.

But That's Not All.

When You Join Creator Central You Also Get:

BONUS: The YouTube Secret Book

My BRAND NEW book with over 10 years of pure YouTube experience from in the trenches, from my own trial and error learning from trying, failing and succeeding.

Here’s what I learnt first-hand that helped me become successful to scale to hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

It all comes down to a few simple proven fundamentals, done consistently over years.

You get instant access to this YouTube book by myself so you can pick my brain and learn every single key habit and pointer that I use in my own YouTube business to dominate the algorithm.

This book covers everything from:

  • The YouTube Algorithm – How it works and how to use it to your advantage.
  • How to create captivating content that resonates with your viewers.
  • Strategies for channel optimization to maximize growth.
  • Creating attractive thumbnails and compelling titles to increase click through rate (CTR).
  • Insider tips on growing a community and collaborating to expand your network.
  • And more!

And Then This:

BONUS 2: YouTube Creator Crash Course

Starting your journey on YouTube can seem like a mountain to climb. That’s why we’ve developed the YouTube Creator Crash Course, a dedicated program inside Creator Central designed to take you from a beginner to a fully-fledged YouTuber.

The YouTube Creator Crash Course is more than just a set of video tutorials. It’s a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to the entire process of setting up, managing, and growing a YouTube channel.

From understanding YouTube’s algorithm to developing a consistent content strategy, this course will cover all the bases. We dive deep into the nuances of video production, editing, thumbnail design, SEO optimization, audience engagement, and analytics interpretation. We provide you with the knowledge to monetize your channel through various revenue streams, such as ads, sponsorships, and digital product creation.

The course also includes valuable insights on how to maintain your channel’s growth, deal with setbacks, and stay motivated along the journey. With the YouTube Creator Crash Course, we’re dedicated to helping you navigate the sometimes complex world of YouTube content creation with ease and confidence.

Regardless of whether you’re a novice or a budding content creator, the YouTube Creator Crash Course inside Creator Central has been designed with the aim to simplify your path to becoming a successful YouTuber. It’s a one-stop solution for all your YouTube creation needs.

Okay. I'm Sold. How Much Does This All Cost?

Let’s put this all into perspective for a moment.

The total value of my YouTube crash course alone is in the ballpark of $1000. As a member, you get complete access to it, with the Book, support, written information, resources and all the other features of the community.

My time is a precious commodity. On numerous occasions, I’ve been paid over $200 for an hour-long consultation, and the countless hours I invest in producing videos and evolving my business have an even higher intrinsic value that means it needs to be worth my focus.

By all accounts, a membership to Creator Central should carry a hefty price tag.

In fact, I’m only interested in helping you if you’re serious.

After all, my reputation is on the line.

This is a premium service that demands a significant amount of my daily time and energy. I pour in countless hours each day to enhance Creator Central, building up the content here for you, ensuring our members receive the highest quality resources and assistance.

So, when you look at it from this angle, you realize that the value you’re receiving far surpasses the investment you’re making. This isn’t just another passive product, it’s an active and evolving platform dedicated to helping you succeed.

I want to give you more value than you could ever dream of.

Let Me Just Remind You What You're Getting:

The YouTube Creator Crash Course: An intensive program designed to elevate you from a YouTube beginner to a seasoned creator. This course covers all the pivotal aspects of channel growth, content creation, and audience engagement.

Weekly Live Masterclasses and Q&A Sessions: Learn directly from a successful YouTuber and tap into the wealth of knowledge and experience. These sessions will provide you with insights into the dynamic world of YouTube, from understanding algorithms to channel optimization. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to get your questions answered and acquire invaluable knowledge that could propel your YouTube career.

Exclusive Online Community of Aspiring YouTubers: An engaging space where you can connect with like-minded individuals who share your YouTube aspirations. It’s not just a support system, but also a hub for creativity, idea exchange, and collaborative growth.

‘The YouTube Secret’ eBook: Authored by myself, this book is your guide to mastering the YouTube algorithm, with over a decade of my knowledge and strategies encapsulated in it. This is a comprehensive resource that will make your journey in the YouTube world smoother and more strategic.

As a member of our platform, you get more than just passive content – it’s an active, continually evolving learning environment dedicated to supporting your growth and success as a YouTube creator.

Stop and genuinely think about getting all of that ^

Ok. How Much is Access to The Creator Central Community Dean?

It’s crystal clear – I’m pouring immense value into this package.

It’s time you cast aside procrastination…

Start making MEANINGFUL strides with your YouTube channel…

ACTUALLY begin earning from your content…

All within our YouTube Creators Community.

So, understandably, this monthly subscription should command a premium price.

Here’s the cost breakdown:

Membership to our YouTube Creators Community currently sits at $49.99 per month, with NO extra upfront joining fees!

This means you pay $49.99 today, followed by a $49.99 monthly fee each month you choose to stay learning.

So far, ambitious creators just like you have gladly invested this amount.

No sugar coating – it’s a considerable investment.

But you could be wasting it on a bunch of skins in a video game or on pizza night.

OR – You COULD be investing it IN YOURSELF… RIGHT NOW.

As rising YouTube creator, you need to consider the long-term return on your investment – in yourself.

Once your channel starts generating even a modest $50 per month, this community has already paid for itself.

(And let’s be real, your ambitions don’t stop at $50 per month – you want thousands, be honest with yourself)

Just imagine a whole YEAR of a supportive circle in our YouTube Creators Central Community…

Your YouTube channel steadily gathering momentum…

A growing audience base and a surge of subscribers…

Not to mention, genuine connections with fellow creators.

People you can FINALLY talk to about your passion or hobby that you can ACTUALLY relate to…

The Return on your investment seems exceptionally promising, doesn’t it?


You could retreat to the comfort of your old ways.

Or perhaps follow the well-meaning advice of others close to you and settle for a normal job,

Or even consider the path of higher education – Sounds exciting and super thrilling, right?

Picture yourself, stuck in a lecture hall, under the boring voice of a professor, while your mind wanders to the possibilities of the life you could be living. But hey, you’re in university, right! Time to buckle down…

Meanwhile, others are crafting their dream lives as successful YouTube creators, just as I did.

The choice is yours.

The routine life of a follower, or the thrilling journey of a creator.

If you’ve been contemplating that our YouTube Creator Central Community would be an exceptional investment in your future, then there’s no room for doubt – it’s time to jump in and start elevating your YouTube game.

Day 1 of your authentic progress starts today…

Or it could begin a couple of months down the line.

Don’t let any more precious time slip away.

Procrastination hasn’t done you any favors so far, has it?

If you truly believe that this could revolutionize your journey as a YouTuber, and you can comfortably afford it, then what’s stopping you from seizing this opportunity?

Hit the sign-up button and come build your YouTube success story with me!

Do You Give Out Refunds?


You have the option to cancel your monthly membership ANYTIME, but I don’t do refunds…

Does a music school refund tuition if you fail to master an instrument?

Absolutely not.

If a student fails to improve, that’s on them, not the institution.

The same principle applies here.

It would be unfair for someone to access all my courses, attend the live sessions, utilize the resources, and then demand a refund.

I seek committed learners, those who already acknowledge the transformative power of my YouTube insights.

So, NO to refunds.

But yes, you can cancel your monthly subscription AT ANYTIME.

If you ever feel the need to exit the community, just cancel through the original page, or send us an email, and we’ll stop your ongoing monthly subscription so you won’t be charged again. You’ll have access to the community until the end of your current billing cycle.

My promise is to provide value that you perceive as at least 5-10x more than what you’re paying, so you’ll never feel the need to cancel your subscription.

Once you’ve joined your first month, all you need to invest is a mere $49.99 per month for BIG progress in your YouTube journey.

Consider what else you’d be spending that money on?

Letting it gather dust in a bank account with no return, losing value to inflation?

You’re not the type to burn money away on dumb things anymore. You’re a creator on a mission, investing in personal and professional growth.

Are you ready to join the one course & community you need to get true success?

The place that's going to literally change your life for the better?

While you waste time thinking, others have already made the commitment in their mind.

They've already started changing their lives, building their channel and business AND having a ton of fun whilst doing it.

Ready to Come Join Us Now?

Make The Jump.


See You Inside!

Questions & Answers (Q & A)

I'm a Teenager, Can I still Join?

When do you become a student in the real world? EXACTLY.
Yes, the answer is yes, you can join.

Can I Join for Free?

No. Creator Central will never be free. I'm pouring all my time into this community every single day. You wouldn't be happy for your mother to slave away at her job for free would you?

I Have School or Work, Where Do I Find Time?

If you're serious, you'll make time. The Course is always available. So are the resources. The book is yours forever, it isn't going anywhere. Live calls will happen again. Make the time, invest in yourself.

Will You do 1 to 1 Calls For a Price?

Our live calls are for helping as many people as we can, there simply would not be enough time if we did 1 on 1s. But, you do still get individual feedback in the community.

Is there a limit to members?

No. My mission is to help as many people as possible. Naturally, if you're not serious enough, time will tell. I'm excited to invest in those that want it the most...

Can you confirm the pricing?

Creator Central, this YouTube community is $49.99 to join and then $49.99 every month after that to stay in the community.

You get the YouTube Creator Crash Course, my FREE YouTube Algorithm & Strategy Book, support and a community included in this price.

How hard is it to unsubscribe?

Simply stop your subscription on the original checkout or product page or even email us and we'll be happy to help manually cancel your subscription within 24-48 hours.

Does it matter which country I'm from?

No, I'm happy to welcome all of you from every part of the world in here. However, you must speak English as that is the only language we speak in this community, I don't have foreign speakers or translators to help me.

Do I get to speak to you?

Yes, you can post your questions in the community and I, myself, will see and help you with your issues, along with my team. I look forward to welcoming you into our inner circle in this community to help coach you to the best of my ability.
- Dean Alma, thebluecrusader

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*Specific results are not guaranteed. Actual results may vary.